Listing Features offers the best value in marketing your bed and breakfast for sale. Our features and web marketing strategy work for you to bring both buyers and sellers together! Listing FeaturesEach listing features:

Contact Information: Complete contact information including email for private individuals, real estate professionals, or both!

Property Description: Broken into 4 specific topics of interest, each listing includes over 1,000 words of descriptive text!

Area Description – What attracts guests to the area?
Site Description – Are you in the country, city, one acre or 25, let the buyers know here.
Structural Description – An overview of the structure including rooms, sq. footage, outbuildings, food service, and more
Offering Description – Is your operation turnkey, does the inventory stay, what is the price and what are the terms…list it here.

Financial Information: Sellers can provide optional financial information such as room sales, ADR, utilities, taxes, and insurance at no additional charge.

Photographs: Each listing includes 6 images to best display your property.

Links to your Website: All listings include a link to an existing web page. If you are a real estate professional, we can link to your site as well.

Social Media: We’ll add your property to our Social Media feeds like Facebook and Pinterest!

Mapping: Each property listing includes an embedded map of the listing location provided by Google Maps.

Tracking: We use track the statistics of our site and our performance. We can tell you how often your listing page is being visited.

Easy Navigation: Regional pages provide links to individual properties and can be accessed from every listing in our system.

Easy Information Update: Want to update your listing information? Contact via our form here. Most information updates are completed within 24-48 hrs.

Start-Up Opportunity Page: We list both existing and potential properties. Your potential bed and breakfast property will be listed here. Start-up properties are listed on regional pages as well.

Internal Search Engine: Search anywhere within our site.

No Commissions, No Brokerage Fees: We do not charge any additional fees when the property sells.

So, what are you waiting for?…

Take advantage of all the features and resources… Sign up now for our 12 month listing agreement …ONLY $100!

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