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We accept listing from both property owners, real estate agents, brokers & more.

Is there a commission?

No, there is no commission. You only pay a set fee to list a property. Properties are listed for one year.

What happens when my property sells?

Contact us and we will remove your listing. If you are an agent or broker, we can leave your listing online until it expires and mark it as “Sold” so you can gain additional exposure.

Do you prorate fees if a listing sells quickly?

No, to keep listing fees reasonable, we do not prorate or offer partial refunds.

Does my listing renew automatically?

No, to keep our directory current, we will contact you when your listing is up for renewal. Listings that are not renewed will be removed.

My listing information needs some updates, can I log in and change it?

To ensure consistency in our listings, you can not log in. To make changes use our contact form here. We make all changes in a 24-48 hr. window or sooner.

Do you give out information about my property to someone who contacts

We do not act as brokers or agents but we will provide the caller with the current contact information for your listing and let you or your agent deal with them directly.

My property has sold, how can I get it removed?

All requests for removal must be in writing. Use our contact form here.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have.

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