Terms of Listing Agreement

Services: We do not act as an agent or broker for your property. We provide a service to list your property and market BB-4-Sale.com on the world wide web. Any inquiries about your property will be directed to the listing contact person.

Refund Policy: Once a property is listed online with BB-4-Sale.com we do not offer any refunds or partial refunds. Should a property sell before the listing term expires, the listing contact can choose to leave the property online as “Sold” or can ask to have the property removed from BB-4-Sale.com.

Renewals: Properties with listings expiring will be notified 30 days in advance and an email invoice will be sent with a link to our renewal page. Properties will be removed from BB-4-Sale.com when the listing term expires should the listing contact person choose not to renew or fail to make payment on or prior to the renewal date.

Changes to listing: All changes can be emailed to BB-4-Sale.com via our contact form here.

Contacting BB-4-Sale.com: Please use the contact form here for any questions that you may have. Using our contact form is the most expedient way to contact our office.

Payment: We use PayPal’s secure shopping cart services to process our payments. PayPal accepts Visa, MC, AMX, Discover Card and Checks. Listings paid by check will not appear online until the check payment has cleared PayPal. Payment via credit card is the fastest method to get your listing online. Your charge will appear as “DeLong Web Designs.”

Accuracy: You are responsible for the accuracy of your listing. The information that you submit is believed to be correct and BB-4-Sale.com will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or legal issues as a result of your listing. Should you need a correction, please use our contact form here. We will make every effort to correct your listing in an expedient manner.

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